About Me

My Spectrum

Unlike most Spectrum enthusiasts I didn’t grow up with it.
My first encounter with a Spectrum was in 2009 when my boyfriend (now husband) introduced me to his cupboard full of Sinclair collectables.
A couple years later I joined the team of a company specializing in servicing retro computers and although I’ve been surrounded with a variety of micros, the small rainbow computer attracted my interest in particular.

Some of the more unusual Spectrums appearing in the repair workshop I found especially fascinating but since I wasn’t being able to keep them to myself I have decided to start a collection of my own.

High Priestess of ZX Spectrum

Posturing with all my Spectrums 1 month before my 26th Birthday

My family of Spectrums has grown a little since this photo was taken in 2016, and with every new addition it becomes more and more difficult to keep track of all of them…

I have created this blog to share some of the more unusual or interesting (to me at least) Spectrums, whether they’re in my own collection or ones I’m lucky to get my hands on for a bit.

In most cases I let the pictures do the talking, though occasionally I might write something up too. However, any information you find on this page will often be based on my own educated guess and is not to be treated as “Holy Gospel”.
I never copy information from wikipedia or other websites (not unless I have verified their accuracy first!) but instead I draw the conclusions by studying the actual computers hence sometimes you might come across information contradicting other widely-spread “facts”.
I am open to suggestions though, so if you read something and think “that’s rubbish!” feel free to correct me.

Last but not least, if you enjoy this blog and would like to give back, send me photos of your Speccys!


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