1 Year of Spectrum Collecting

Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun? It was around this time last year that I got fed up of having someone else’s Spectrums to look after for a bit after which I had to part with them never to be seen again. Or when I did have them I decided to sell them and never stopped regretting it later on. So I’ve decided to get my own and keep it.

I’ve started off with a list of 3 Spectrums I wanted to get: 2 of which I foolishly sold in the past and 1 of which was someone else’s and I was denied keeping it to myself.
One year on and so far I’ve managed to tick 2 out of 3 off my wishlist: Spectrum with shielded case and Yellow Issue 3B Spectrum. I’m still desperately trying to find the 3rd one, it’s proving more difficult than I had imagined it would be! Maybe next year…

Of course my collection or my wishlist doesn’t limit to 3 Spectrums any more. On my journey I have stumbled across and got to know countless interesting and exciting Spectrums, and I’m not talking about “R@Re” Issue One’s either.

At the moment of writing (February 2017) I estimate my collection to comprise approx. 50 Spectrums, half of which are rubber-key models. As you can imagine it’s incredibly difficult to keep tabs on all of them and sometimes I’m not entirely sure what I have and what I don’t have especially when some are dotted around the house and not kept together in a dedicated place.
Since my Speccies have been breeding at such a rapid rate it has been notably strenuous to locate a particular Spectrum when I needed to have a look at it for some reason. So I thought I’d try to bring a relative order into my collection and label every Spectrum on the shelf for quick and easy identification.

If you’re paranoid about seeing Spectrums stacked on top of one another you should probably look away…


Hopefully at some point later on this year I will be able to organise my entire collection properly and find a suitable place for the rest of my Spectrums to reside – including Pluses, Toastracks, and +2s.


5 thoughts on “1 Year of Spectrum Collecting

  1. Release them back into the wild, they deserve to run free and enjoy their old age, I had a pile that started to look like this until I realised I could only ever use one spectrum at a time and the rest were just gathering dust, gave them all away in a moment of clarity !


    • It’s true I never use any of those Spectrums. I have one rubber (the white one) that is my daily driver and all I ever need. Being a Spectrum dealer I do have a dozen of other Spectrums which I’m not interested in keeping so they will be released into the wild in due course. These ones are special though and they will stay with me, I may not use them but they serve me as a study samples for my research. I doubt I’d be able to find anyone who would appreciate them in the same way I do. Perhaps one day I’ll wake up and realise that Spectrums don’t interest me anymore and it’s time to find a different hobby – then they all will be set free 🙂


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