Speccy Makeover

Time has come to freshen up the look of My Spectrum.
It’s been almost 2 years since I put various bits of Spectrum together and customised it so it was in dire need of a new lease of life. Fitting a new keymat seemed like a brilliant idea since they’ve recently became available to buy, although a new lick of paint wouldn’t go amiss either but that requires a lot more time and effort.

My SpeccyMy Speccy

The keymat doesn’t only look amazing during daytime but also at nighttime thanks to its fluorescent properties. Reminds me of 1980s Trimphones lumionous dials which would glow at night, except the keymats don’t contain any radioactive substances like the old Trimphone dials so are 100% safe to put inside your Spectrums.

My Speccy


4 thoughts on “Speccy Makeover

  1. Hi, I assume this is the yellow board 4A you’ve shown before, do you know much about the origins of the Yellow boards? they are a curious and slightly lovely looking variation on the standard boards, were there any particular reasons for them do you think or was it just ‘lets use yellow this week’, I only ask as I’ve come possession of one after some hunting, a 4A, I only wish I had a clear case to put the board in ! 🙂


    • Good question but I’m not entirely sure myself at this point. I can only think that they weren’t able to source normal green board at that time and had to go for the yellow variety. As far as I know the yellow board appear in 2 flavours: first in issue 3B and then later and more commonly in issue 4A.
      You will be glad to know that there are plans for a clear replacement Spectrum case. I will be putting my yellow one in it too. Here’s the link to the crowdfunding campaign where you can pre-order one: http://www.retroradionics.co.uk/fundraising.html


  2. Hey – Great blog! Pleased I found it – I have one question…

    Which type of paint did you use to paint the black top and bottom shell? Also, what is the process of applying it evenly?

    Thanks and keep up the good work!! 😀


    • Hi,
      I used a gloss white car spray paint but it was a hassle, it took a lot of preparation, time, patience, etc. And now, 2 years on the paint is a bit flaky. It will look worse and worse as the time goes on, unless I frame it and never use it again.
      Luckily, painting cases is so last century now because brand new Spectrum cases in a variety of colours (including white) are about to be released. They’re made by the same people who made the keymat featured in this post so keep an eye on their website, at some point (hopefully by summer – that’s just my rough guess) new cases will appear for sale.


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