My Spectrum


This is my personal Speccy. A standard rubber-key chum but slightly modified.

The casing was customised by myself – maybe one day I’ll get round to adding some legends on the faceplate but for now I rather like the minimalistic look.
It is of course, Issue 4A, the best issue to have by a long way.It’s been treated to a brand new old stock Plessey ULA, which runs cooler than most other ULAs so is less likely to keel over and die horribly.As you might have noticed it’s also missing the heatsink (the big metal thing that usually appears at the top, or the bottom is it’s an issue 1 or 2).The reason for that is that the power hungry 7805 regulator has been replaced with an eco-friendly DC converter making the heatsink redundant.



5 thoughts on “My Spectrum

    • Thanks!
      I don’t really have facilities to spray-paint properly, otherwise I would!
      But it’s relatively easy to do, it’s just a matter of spraying a case in white! Occasionally you can pick up ready-painted cases on ebay and there even are proper white faceplates on sale (with all the keyboard legends that mine is lacking).


      • I quite like the missing key legends, hardly ever program these days and that just looks so clean, is that some kind of printed overlay you used on the faceplate ? I’d like to do a plus with missing legends too, need to find a knackered QL first and hope the keytops are the same fit!


        • No, no overlay whatsoever. I’ve just simply sprayed the whole faceplate with the same paint used on the case (I covered the rainbow stripe to keep the colours original). I like the “clean” look as well, I never do any programming so don’t need the legends!


  1. That’s even more impressive in that case!, I don’t have nearly a steady enough hand to spray paint to the degree , cracking work though!


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